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ACR Liquid-liquid extraction

Aim The purpose of this experiment is to perform liquid-liquid extraction within a Coflore ACR. This is to be achieved with cells performing as distinct mixing and settling zones within the Coflore ACR. Theory The Coflore counter-current system is currently

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Controlled Flow Precipitation as a Valuable Tool for Synthesis

Ian Baxendale recently published a paper(1) in Organic Process Research & Development detailing the use of a Coflore ATR system to produce a free-flowing suspension of a product with a solids content of 46% v/v Prof. Ian Baxendale, University of Durham,

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TECHNICAL NOTE: Counter Current Liquid-Liquid Extraction

TECHNICAL NOTE: CC-LLE Counter Current Liquid-liquid Extraction

The Coflore® mixing technology has been shown to give high mixing intensity independent of fluid velocity for both homogeneous and multi-phase systems. Strong mixing is beneficial to mass transfer limited reactions but also to work up steps such as extraction.

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