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Controlled Flow Precipitation as a Valuable Tool for Synthesis

Ian Baxendale recently published a paper(1) in Organic Process Research & Development detailing the use of a Coflore ATR system to produce a free-flowing suspension of a product with a solids content of 46% v/v Prof. Ian Baxendale, University of Durham,

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Processing slurries with fast settling solids

This document describes the Coflore ATR set up requirements for gas/liquid/solid reactions with fast settling solids.

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Continuous Flow Synthesis and Crystallisation of Chiral Amine

As part of the dissemination of the outputs of the Innovate UK supported projected led by YProTech, a poster was presented at the 2013 Winter Process Chemistry Conference held in Leeds between the 16th and 18th of December.

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Continuous Flow Processing of Chemical Slurries

AUTHORS: Benjamin J. Deadman, Duncan L. Browne, Ian R. Baxendale and Steven V. Ley This poster summarises independent work carried out within the Innovative Technology Centre of the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge. The work demonstrates the suitability of

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Scalable and Sustainable Covalent Functionalisation of Carbon Nanotubes

In a collaborative project at Padua University (Italy), a PhD student worked with FIS to develop a novel process for the functionalisation of carbon nanontubes. The objective of this work was the functionalization of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) and multi-walled carbon nanotubes

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Continuous Flow Processing of Slurries: Evaluation of an Agitated Cell Reactor

Research carried out by the department of Chemistry at Cambridge University has been published in the Organic Process Research and Development journal.  The work involved the application of the ACR in the processing of solids under flow conditions. The Coflore

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TECHNICAL NOTE: Solid Handling Capabilities of the Coflore ACR

Coflore is a flow reactor for chemical and bio synthesis. Based on the principle of stirred tanks in series, it delivers efficient mixing and plug flow with reaction times from seconds to many hours. The patented Coflore mixing technique eliminates

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Hydrodechlorination: Comparison Between Batch and Continuous

Research carried out at Heriot Watt university using the Coflore ACR, has resulted in a paper which has been accepted for publishing in the Chemical Engineering Journal.  The reaction involved a multiphase system in which solids, gas and liquid were

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