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liquid-liquid extraction

ACR Liquid-liquid extraction

Aim The purpose of this experiment is to perform liquid-liquid extraction within a Coflore ACR. This is to be achieved with cells performing as distinct mixing and settling zones within the Coflore ACR. Theory The Coflore counter-current system is currently

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TECHNICAL NOTE: Counter Current Liquid-Liquid Extraction

TECHNICAL NOTE: CC-LLE Counter Current Liquid-liquid Extraction

The Coflore® mixing technology has been shown to give high mixing intensity independent of fluid velocity for both homogeneous and multi-phase systems. Strong mixing is beneficial to mass transfer limited reactions but also to work up steps such as extraction.

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Process Development for Downstream Processing of ε-caprolactone in a Biocatalytic Reaction

INTRODUCTION Production processes of economically important oxyfunctionalized synthesis building blocks are mostly based on “classical chemical” methods. Up to now ε- caprolactone is synthesized via oxidation of cyclohexane to cyclohexanol/ cyclohexanone. The KA-oil is oxidized with peroxyacetic acid in an

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Coflore ACX Design and Result Summary

Introduction The driving force in extraction is the difference in concentration of the desired solute between the feed and in the solvent mixture. Counter current maintains this difference as high as possible throughout the process with a limited consumption of

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Continuous Extraction: Coflore ACR-X

Coflore is a multi-purpose flow platform for use in the laboratory and small scale manufacturing. It can be used for chemical reactions or extraction under flow conditions.

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