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ChemSpec Europe / RSC Speciality Chemicals Symposium

Gareth Jenkins, COO, presented at the RSC’s Speciality Chemicals Symposium at 13:30 on Wednesday, June 1st. His presentation, “Process Intensification of Industrial Biocatalysis – how to Scale Up without Huge Reactor Volumes” highlighted recent advances in developing flow processes for biocatalysis and can be viewed…

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2016 Poster Presented at IBioIC’s 2nd Annual Conference

Thursday 28th – Friday 29th January 2016 IBioIC’s second annual conference attracted over four hundred biobased professionals, academics and students from across the UK for a two day conference to showcase and exemplify IBioIC’s current and future activities, and provide plentiful networking

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Process Development for Downstream Processing of ε-caprolactone in a Biocatalytic Reaction

INTRODUCTION Production processes of economically important oxyfunctionalized synthesis building blocks are mostly based on “classical chemical” methods. Up to now ε- caprolactone is synthesized via oxidation of cyclohexane to cyclohexanol/ cyclohexanone. The KA-oil is oxidized with peroxyacetic acid in an

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Biocatalytic oxidase: Batch to continuous

The output from Project Biochemist has been published in the Chemical Engineering Research and Design journal.  The work involved the development of a bioprocess for an oxidation reaction catalysed by D-amino acid oxidase. It involved starting from a simple lab scale

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Apr 2012 – AM Technology Piles on the Pressure

AM Technology are proud to announce their participation in a new collaborative TSB funded project; Bio-press. Bio-press sees the renewed partnership with synthetic biology company; Ingenza and Contract Research Organisation (CRO); C-Tech Innovations. Bio-press’s 9 month objective is to develop

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Scaling Up Biocatalysis Reactions in Flow Reactors

The output from Project Biochemist has been published in the Organic Process Research and Development journal.  The work involved the application of Coflore ATR systems to the scale up of biocatalytic oxidase processes. The Coflore ATR has been used in a joint

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CASE STUDY: Biocatalytic Oxidase in the Coflore ACR

The Coflore Agitated Cell reactor (ACR) is a dynamically mixed plug flow reactor. It employs multiple discrete (interlinked) reaction cells, to give good mixing and plug flow for reaction times from a few seconds to many hours. The use of

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