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Incorporating Coflore® technology into continuous flow reactors offers the following benefits:

Low pressure drop

Greatly simplifies the pumping requirements for a continuous processing system with a wide range of pump technologies being suited even when precise dosing is required.

High mixing efficiency without baffles

Provides excellent residence time-control as good plug flow is maintained across a wide range of flow rates. Less complex engineering required and greatly simplified cleaning.

Less scale up uncertainty

Coflore® mixing is available at laboratory, kilo, pilot and plant scales, providing predictable scale up performance.

Excellent mass transfer

Simple tubular design and low pressure drop facilitates the processing of slurries and gases without the risk of settling or poor dispersion. Coflore® dynamic mixing ensures excellent mass transfer between multiple phases (liquid-liquid, liquid-solid, liquid-gas, liquid-solid-gas).

Efficient heat transfer

A wide range of processes can be operated with good heating and cooling control.

Systems are available at laboratory scale and plant scale.




Coflore ACR Lab Reactors

The Coflore® Agitated Cell Reactor (ACR) is a bench top flow reactor for developing scalable flow solutions in a laboratory environment. The Coflore® ACR is a mechanically agitated flow reactor with a reactor channel divided into 10 CSTR equivalent stages. The Coflore® technology provides good mixing even at very low flow rates enabling the ACR platform to provide great versatility.

The Coflore® ACR systems are ideal for establishing and developing novel continuous processes prior to scale up or when only limited quantities of material are available or required. The use of Coflore® mixing technology ensures that any process developed on an ACR system has a scale up path via Coflore® ATR-1L and 10L systems.


Coflore ATR Plant Reactors

The Coflore® Agitated Tube Reactors (ATR) are the most flexible and capable plug flow reactors available. Coflore® technology generates radial mixing using freely moving agitating elements within each reactor tube. The volumetric displacement of these mixers is less than 5% of the working volume but the swept volume is over 80%. This design also eliminates the need for mechanical seals, rotating drive shafts and baffles. This makes the system simple, efficient and easy to clean.

Coflore® ATR systems are comprised of a series of 10 tubes which provide high flexibility with multiple addition points, temperature zones and variable reactor volume. This provides great versatility:

  • Reaction time <10 seconds to >3 hours
  • Co-current and counter-current mode
  • Slurries, immiscible fluids and gas/liquid mixtures.
  • Plug flow equivalent to >100 stirred tanks in series (1 hour reaction time in <6 metres of tube)
  • Mass transfer rates 1-2 orders of magnitude better than large batch reactors.
  • Blending times 1-2 orders of magnitude faster than batch reactors.
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