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Process Development Optimisation

Process Development / Optimisation

Typically 2-3 months

  • Full exploitation of the advantages of continuous processing to define the optimal commercial process
  • Requires good experimental design based on state of process understanding
  • Pilot scale equipment with flexible configurability and additional process monitoring and control instruments

A process development project will drive the optimisation of a continuous process towards economically attractive targets such as conversion, time-space-yields and overall efficiency. Much of the work will be carried out in pilot scale continuous processing equipment such as the ATR-1L. Extensive analytical capabilities, both in-line and off-line, help refine the process. Authentic samples of bulk materials are used to ensure that the material produced will be representative of the final commercial process. This material can be used in downstream user-tests or other qualification requirements to ensure the process is producing acceptable product.

These projects can be run within dedicated process areas at our UK facility. We can also provide support, both engineering and process chemistry, at your own site, during and after installation of Coflore® into your own facilities.


The Process

Feasibility Studies      Proof of Concept Studies      Process Development/Optimisation     Demonstration Run and Final Implementation


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