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is a global leader in mechanically stirred continuous reactors.









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Hydrodechlorination: Comparison Between Batch and Continuous

Research carried out at Heriot Watt university using the Coflore ACR, has resulted in a paper which has been accepted…

Continuous Extraction: Coflore ACR-X

Coflore is a multi-purpose flow platform for use in the laboratory and small scale manufacturing. It can be used for chemical reactions or extraction under flow conditions.

CASE STUDY: Hofmann Degradation in the Coflore ACR

Coflore is a flow reactor for chemical and bio synthesis processes. It uses 10 or more dynamically mixed stages. Unlike…

TECHNICAL NOTE: Bourne Reaction in Coflore ACR

The Coflore Agitated Cell Reactor (ACR) is a multi-purpose flow reactor designed for laboratory and small scale manufacturing duties. By…

Coflore reactors

are multi-stage flow reactors that deliver good plug flow and mixing over a wide range of operating conditions.




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