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is a global leader in mechanically stirred continuous reactors.









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Scalable and Sustainable Covalent Functionalisation of Carbon Nanotubes

In a collaborative project at Padua University (Italy), a PhD student worked with FIS to develop a novel process for…

Biocatalytic oxidase: Batch to continuous

The output from Project Biochemist has been published in the Chemical Engineering Research and Design journal.  The work involved the development…

Apr 2012 – AM Technology Piles on the Pressure

AM Technology are proud to announce their participation in a new collaborative TSB funded project; Bio-press. Bio-press sees the renewed…

Scaling Up Biocatalysis Reactions in Flow Reactors

The output from Project Biochemist has been published in the Organic Process Research and Development journal.  The work involved the…

Dec 2011 – AM Technology Joins CMAC as Founding Second Tier Member

AM Technology is proud to announce the collaboration with CMAC Industrial Members organisation and the recently launched EPSRC Centre for…

Coflore ACX Design and Result Summary

Introduction The driving force in extraction is the difference in concentration of the desired solute between the feed and in…

Continuous Flow Processing of Slurries: Evaluation of an Agitated Cell Reactor

Research carried out by the department of Chemistry at Cambridge University has been published in the Organic Process Research and…

CASE STUDY: Biocatalytic Oxidase in the Coflore ACR

The Coflore Agitated Cell reactor (ACR) is a dynamically mixed plug flow reactor. It employs multiple discrete (interlinked) reaction cells,…

TECHNICAL NOTE: Solid Handling Capabilities of the Coflore ACR

Coflore is a flow reactor for chemical and bio synthesis. Based on the principle of stirred tanks in series, it…

Coflore reactors

are multi-stage flow reactors that deliver good plug flow and mixing over a wide range of operating conditions.




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