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2015 Industrial Placement Student Poster

In 2015, AM Technology offered a six-month industrial placement to a Chemical Engineering student, Jan Robertson, from the University of…

Controlled Flow Precipitation as a Valuable Tool for Synthesis

Ian Baxendale recently published a paper(1) in Organic Process Research & Development detailing the use of a Coflore ATR system to…

2016 Poster Presented at IBioIC’s 2nd Annual Conference

Thursday 28th – Friday 29th January 2016 IBioIC’s second annual conference attracted over four hundred biobased professionals, academics and students from…

Dec 2015 – And the Kirkpatrick Chemical Engineering Award goes to…

Dow Performance Plastics for its Intune Olefin Block Copolymers! AMT was presented with one of the four global honour awards…

Nov 2015 – 2015 Case Studies Round Up

Time to look back at the challenges and successes from this year’s tests The Coflore® dynamic mixing technology decouples mixing…

TECHNICAL NOTE: CC-LLE Counter Current Liquid-liquid Extraction

TECHNICAL NOTE: Counter Current Liquid-Liquid Extraction

The Coflore® mixing technology has been shown to give high mixing intensity independent of fluid velocity for both homogeneous and…

Flow Chemistry Society – India Chapter

We would like to congratulate our partner Mr Vijay Kirpalani of Pi Process Intensification Experts LLP (PI) for the constitution…

Batch to Continuous – Economic drivers and obstacles

23rd – 25th September, 2014 : 6th Symposium on Flow Reactor Technology for Industrial Applications, Budapest. During the last 6th…

Residence Time Distribution in the Coflore ATR1L

This technical note focuses on the plug flow performance of the Coflore ATR1. The Coflore ATR1 is a dynamically mixed…

Coflore reactors

are multi-stage flow reactors that deliver good plug flow and mixing over a wide range of operating conditions.




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