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Nov 2015 – 2015 Case Studies Round Up

Time to look back at the challenges and successes from this year’s tests

The Coflore® dynamic mixing technology decouples mixing and plug flow from residence time. This makes the Coflore a versatile flow reactor able to cope with various requirements depending on the process of interest.
Here is a summary of some key tests we have seen this year here at our test facility in Runcorn:

Immiscible liquid liquid systems

It is possible to achieve co-current or counter-current flow for reactions or extractions. The key is the ability to provide tunable mixing: strong mixing is required to the two phases to travel together, milder mixing is required to avoid forming stable emulsions when travelling in counter-current.

Very high or very low temperature reactions

The Coflore ACR has a very high heat transfer coefficient and was able to control the reaction temperature even with narrow temperature gradients between the jacket and the process fluid.

Solvent polymerisation

The intrinsic pressure drop across the system is very low and the dynamic mixing elements continued to provide mixing as the viscosity increased. The heat of polymerisation was efficiently removed.

Sodium sulphite oxidation

Good characterisation example to calculate the mixing coefficient under various conditions, technical note coming soon!

Heavy solid handling

The Coflore was able to cope with various slurries (up to 30% w/v)  including metal catalysts (up to 250 micron) over a wide range of fluid velocities and different reaction times.


A biocatalytic oxidation was run in a Coflore ACR and compared to a batch. The reaction in the ACR was 10 times faster due to improved oxygen mass transfer.


It was possible to test various conditions for a hydrogenation using solid catalyst fed as a slurry resulting in a 50% reduction in the catalyst loading and faster reaction time for the same conversion.

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Shortlisted for Kirkpatrick Chemical Engineering Achievement Award – keep your fingers crossed!

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