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Demonstration Run and Final Implementation

Demonstration Run and Final Implementation

  • Demonstration of the optimised process at a commercially relevant scale and over a suitable time period
  • Manufacturing instructions are drafted which are expected to have less flexibility or technical input during their execution
  • Pilot or plant scale equipment using a defined set up

With a fully optimised process, the final stage before commercial manufacture will often be a demonstration run of the full equipment process set up over a suitable time period. This is usually carried out at your own facility, using your materials, staff and other resources. AM Technology continues to support the project with regular reviews and site visits to ensure any final process improvements are made and the system is fully operational. The process and equipment can then be handed over for routine manufacture.

AM Technology’s Coflore® systems are ideal for establishing and developing novel continuous processes prior to scale up or when only limited quantities of material are available or required. With a seamless scale up path, the developed process can quickly be implemented in an industrial plant environment for routine manufacture.


The Process

Feasibility Studies      Proof of Concept Studies      Process Development/Optimisation     Demonstration Run and Final Implementation


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