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TECHNICAL NOTE: Counter Current Liquid-Liquid Extraction

The Coflore® mixing technology has been shown to give high mixing intensity independent of fluid velocity for both homogeneous and multi-phase systems. Strong mixing is beneficial to mass transfer limited reactions but also to work up steps such as extraction. Moreover, the ability to have two streams flowing in counter current can bring significant advantage in terms of extraction efficiency and reduction in solvent use.

Counter Current LLE Block Diagram

3 Stage Counter Current Liquid-liquid Extraction

The Coflore counter-current system is currently available at the lab and pilot plant scale. They are based on the principle of mixers/settlers in series. Just like the Coflore reactors, the mixing is provided by an agitator free to move within the cell or tube. The system is sealed and mounted on a shaking platform which moves the block laterally at various speeds. The agitator inside the cells provides random mixing independent of fluid velocity, without the need of baffles, mechanical seals and rotating shafts. The frequency can be adjusted to achieve high interfacial area for the extraction to occur whilst avoiding forming stable emulsions which would hinder separation and limit throughput.



TECHNICAL NOTE: CC-LLE Counter Current Liquid-liquid Extraction

TECHNICAL NOTE: CC-LLE Counter Current Liquid-liquid Extraction

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