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Coflore® Process Studies

Flow reactors are inherently smaller, safer, more efficient and more controllable than batch reactors. Coflore® reactors offer a cost effective scalable solution for slow and/or mass transfer limited reactions including processes involving solids and gases. The commercial case for adoption, however, relies on practical evidence that a continuous process can operate effectively at the lab scale and that these process parameters can be replicated on scale up.

In January 2014, we commissioned our own purpose built testing facility to facilitate successful conversion from batch to flow at both the laboratory and the pilot scales.

A wide variety of processes have already been tested: from Suzuki coupling to blending; from inflammable slurry processing to biocatalysis. Valuable know-how is generated and transferred to our customers with higher yields, faster reactions and improved quality demonstrated in a fast and efficient way.

The full range of Coflore® systems are installed within our facility and are available for testing. For hazardous processes, we have built a fully contained hazardous process area which is operated under ATEX conditions.

We offer a range of services focused on improving your processes from initial continuous processing feasibility studies, through full process optimisation and on to commercial pilot demonstrations.


The Process

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