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Company Overview

AM Technology was founded in 2000. The company specialises in innovative solutions for the manufacture of high value chemicals. AM Technology is the global leader in CSTR technology for continuous synthesis of high value chemicals. Our products are protected by global patents and are used in the manufacture of fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, flavours and fragrances, dyes, polymers and bio synthesis. Our customers include manufacturers, universities and research groups. Our reactor products are designed to allow full manufacturing scale-up of lab scale processes, allowing our customers to be sure their research effort translates directly into production capability.

We offer a range of standard lab units for process development and industrial scale flow reactors in a variety of materials. Specialised systems can be built to customer requirements and can be supplied as basic reactor units or fully integrated systems. We provide customers with a wealth of knowledge to support the development and scale up of their flow processes.

Current Projects

2013- Building Flow Reactor Supply Chains

Partners – Autico Limited
Funding – £3.4M co-funded by the Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI) and the collaborating partners.
Objectives – Flow reactors are an alternative to batch reactors for manufacturing industrial chemicals. They are physically smaller and more efficient than batch reactors and as such represent a major growth opportunity for process equipment manufacturers. The use of flow reactors however is more complex and prime companies require specialist reactor suppliers with the right equipment, knowhow and testing capabilities to provide proven turn-key solutions for a wide variety of applications. This project will allow AM Technology, Autico and indirectly non-participating members of the supply chain to address serious failures in the supply chain due to the lack of process data, scale up data and control and automation to overcome the customer barrier for adoption.

2015- Intensified by Design - IbD
Partners – 22 Partners
Funding – This project receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 680565.
Objectives –  The Intensified-by-Design (IbD) Project will create a holistic platform for facilitating process intensification design and optimization for continuous processes in which solids are an intrinsic part. The project will develop and upgrade methods for the handling of solids in continuous production units based, on the one hand, in the intensification of currently existing processes and, on the other hand, through completely new approaches to the processing of solids. IbD will be the new paradigm in the intensification of processes based on statistical, analytical and risk management methodologies in the design, development and manufacturing of high quality safe and tailored chemicals, pharmaceuticals, minerals, ceramics, etc. under intensified processes.
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2016- ReMediES - Workstream App F
Partners – GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, Johnson Matthey, AM Technology
Objectives –  Enzymes in Flow/ Continuous Flow Synthesis of Chiral Amines. The aim of this proposal is to start to look closely at the technical issues and economics of scale up in flow, baselined against the batch equivalent.
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Past Projects

2012-2014 Nano-enabled Peptide Pill

Partners – Nanomerics, UCL School of Pharmacy, University of Exeter
Funding – £1.6M co-funded by the UK Technology Strategy Board (TSB)
Objectives – Develop the supply chain for polymer based nanoparticles for drug delivery to the brain barriers

2012-2013 Investigation of catalytic hydrogenation using Coflore continuous processing technology

Partners – Fine Organics Limited, AM Technology
Funding – £ 73k co-funded by the UK Technology Strategy Board (TSB)

2012-2013 Dynamically mixed multi-phase flow hydrogenation

Partners – AM Technology, Robinson Brothers Limited
Funding – £100k co-funded by the UK Technology Strategy Board (TSB)

2012-2015 Manufacture of Chiral Amines using Catalytic and Flow Methods

Partners – YProTech, AM Technology, AstraZeneca, Chirotech, Pfizer, Syngenta, University of Leeds, University of Liverpool
Funding – £1.1m co-funded by the UK Technology Strategy Board (TSB)
Objectives –  Chiral amines are important building blocks used in 40% pharmaceutical products, 20% of crop protection compounds and are high value chemical intermediates. Current synthetic methods use wasteful resolution processes. This project will improve manufacturing efficiency by developing five catalytic (transfer) hydrogenation methods to make specific types of chiral amines. The project aims to develop and exploit new catalysts, based on solid supported pre-catalysts developed in a HVM TSB project, and use these in novel flow reactors. This allows reduced effective loadings of the Rh and Ir catalysts, efficient metal recovery and switch from batch to continuous processing. The project  generates more value from a previous successful TSB project, opens new market opportunities for flow reactors, and fulfils high demand for chiral amines required by end user companies made using more efficient processes to lower cost, reduce waste, improve quality and availability.

2009-2011 Pharmagen

Partners – Serichim (project coordinator, IT), Flamma (IT), Merchav (IL), Carbopharm (AT), PSE (GB), LDT (IT), AM Technology (GB)
Funding – € 1,041,612 Co funded by the European Commision (FP7)
Objectives – The development and scale up of continuous solutions for the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)

2009-2012 Biochemist

Partners – Ingenza, C-Tech
Funding – £ 1,1018,274 Co funded by the Technology Strategy Board
Objectives – Develop new methods of continuous synthesis for Biopharmaceutical products

2010-2012 CCrystal

Partners – AM Technology (project coordinator, GB), Flamma (IT), Merchav (IL), Galentis (IT), Serichim (IT), Autico (GB), PSE (GB), LDT (IT)
Funding – € 1,105,500 Co funded by the European Communion (FP7)
Objectives – Develop new methods of continuous crystallisation

2012 Biopress

Partners – Ingenza, C-Tech
Funding – £200,000 Co-funded by the UK Technology Stratergy Board (TSB)
Objectives – Develop a high pressure process for the process intensification of a biocatalytic oxidase process

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