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TTP Newsletter

AMT are now the global leader in actively mixed flow reactors. This TTP report gives an overview of the company,…

Aug 2016: New Brochure for Coflore Agitated Cell Reactor

A new brochure describing the benefits and features of the Coflore Agitated Cell Reactor is now available. It can be…

May 2016 – Coflore ACR Eliminates Need for Multiple Heat Transfer Zones

The Coflore ACR is a flow reactor that decouples mixing and plug flow from residence time. Controlling the temperature of an nth order reaction in flow can be achieved with multiple heat transfer zones operating at different temperatures. The disadvantage of this set up is that it requires multiple heater-chillers which adds cost and complexity. A simpler solution is to use a single heat transfer zone with a tuned ‘approach temperature’

Dec 2015 – And the Kirkpatrick Chemical Engineering Award goes to…

Dow Performance Plastics for its Intune Olefin Block Copolymers! AMT was presented with one of the four global honour awards…

Nov 2015 – 2015 Case Studies Round Up

Time to look back at the challenges and successes from this year’s tests The Coflore® dynamic mixing technology decouples mixing…

Flow Chemistry Society – India Chapter

We would like to congratulate our partner Mr Vijay Kirpalani of Pi Process Intensification Experts LLP (PI) for the constitution…

Feb 2015 – First Semi-Plant Scale System Bound for USA

December 2014 saw the first shipment of our largest Coflore reactor to date. A Coflore ATR-10L reactor, consisting of 10 tubes each…

Sep 2014 – 2014 Has Been a Busy Time for AM Technology

In January we moved into our new facility in Runcorn and have increased the size and capability of our team…

Aug 2013 – AM Technology secures investment for flow reactor supply chain development

The investment will fund the R&D activity required for AM Technology to engineer a patented chemical flow reactor on a…

Coflore reactors

are multi-stage flow reactors that deliver good plug flow and mixing over a wide range of operating conditions.




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