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8th Symposium Continuous Flow Reactor Technology for Industrial Applications

8th – 10th November 2016, TU Delft Process Technology Institute

AM Technology is proud to be supporting the 8th Symposium on Continuous Flow Reactor Technology for Industrial Applications. Dr Viktor Gyollai, Senior Development Chemistry, will be running a hands-on workshop and the presenting the paper below.

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Efficient Modelling of the Temperature Profile in Coflore Reactors

ABSTRACT: The Coflore reactors are flow reactors that decouple mixing and plug flow from residence time. Controlling the temperature of an nth order reaction in flow can be achieved with multiple heat transfer zones operating at different temperatures. The disadvantage of this set up is that it requires multiple heater-chillers which add cost and complexity. A simpler solution is to use a single heat transfer zone with a tuned ‘approach temperature’ (Figure 1).

Traditional heat transfer jackets do not function effectively at the very low HTF flow rates required for this. The new ACR reactor uses actively mixed heat transfer cells which decouples heat transfer performance from HTF flow rate. This allows precise tuning of the jacket temperature with a single supply of heat transfer fluid by changing the flow rate of the HTF according to the values calculated by the prediction software.

The presentation will show examples where the temperature profile of reactions and crystallisations is controlled according to the predictions of the software. The application of the software decreases the time needed for setting up heated/cooled or exothermic/endothermic experiments making it a useful tool for development laboratories equipped with Coflore reactors.

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