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TTP Newsletter

AMT are now the global leader in actively mixed flow reactors. This TTP report gives an overview of the company,…

8th Symposium Continuous Flow Reactor Technology for Industrial Applications

8th – 10th November 2016, TU Delft Process Technology Institute AM Technology is proud to be supporting the 8th Symposium on…

Aug 2016: New Brochure for Coflore Agitated Cell Reactor

A new brochure describing the benefits and features of the Coflore Agitated Cell Reactor is now available. It can be…

ACR Liquid-liquid extraction

Aim The purpose of this experiment is to perform liquid-liquid extraction within a Coflore ACR. This is to be achieved…

Scientific Update – The Scale up of Chemical Processes

27th – 29th June, 2016. Baveno, Lake Maggiore, Italy Robert Ashe presented at Scientific Updates’ conference on 27th June 2016.…

ChemSpec Europe / RSC Speciality Chemicals Symposium

Gareth Jenkins, COO, presented at the RSC’s Speciality Chemicals Symposium at 13:30 on Wednesday, June 1st. His presentation, “Process Intensification of Industrial Biocatalysis – how to Scale Up without Huge Reactor Volumes” highlighted recent advances in developing flow processes for biocatalysis and can be viewed…

May 2016 – Coflore ACR Eliminates Need for Multiple Heat Transfer Zones

The Coflore ACR is a flow reactor that decouples mixing and plug flow from residence time. Controlling the temperature of an nth order reaction in flow can be achieved with multiple heat transfer zones operating at different temperatures. The disadvantage of this set up is that it requires multiple heater-chillers which adds cost and complexity. A simpler solution is to use a single heat transfer zone with a tuned ‘approach temperature’

2016 RSC/SCI Continuous Flow Technology III

14th – 16th March 2016, Robinson College, University of Cambridge AM Technology was proud to be involved with the third biennial…

NEPIC Pharmaceutical Event: Continuous Processing – Introduction & Advantages

8th March 2016 Gareth Jenkins, COO of AM Technology presented at a NEPIC Pharmaceutical Event on Continuous Processing on Tuesday,…

Coflore reactors

are multi-stage flow reactors that deliver good plug flow and mixing over a wide range of operating conditions.




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